Сarbon regeneration and recycling

Use the services of OJSC «EHMZ named afted N.D.Zelinsky» and your company will:

  • reduce the cost of purchasing activated carbon
  • solve the problem of carbon recycling
  • receive the necessary documents for reporting to environmental authorities
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The scheme of cooperation is very simple

Step 1

Send an application and our specialist will contact you

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Step 2

Send a sample of carbon to determine the possibility of regeneration (volume ≥ 1 l)

Our Address
1, Karl Marks Street, 144001, Elektrostal, Moscow region, Russia
Step 3

Sample examination. Our laboratory will determine the possibility of carbon regenerating within 5 working days.

Basic requirements for the quality of activated carbons taken for regeneration

  • Type of carbon - pelletized or granular (not powder)
  • Carbon should not contain mechanical impurities

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