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Recently, the market of sorbents (activated carbons) has become more frequent cases of the appearance of counterfeit or waste products offered at very attractive prices, by companies that position themselves as activated carbon producers or dealers of Sorbent JSC. Due to the availability of copying equipment, it is easy for fraudsters to forge the Manufacturers’ documentation, copy signatures, stamps, make certificates, passports, dealer certificates, labels and even packaging.

The loading of waste coal not only prevents purification of water, but also leads to additional pollution due to substances deposited in the coal pores during the initial use of the sorbent.

Signs of counterfeit and spent coal:


Spent (second-hand) coal has a smell of substances deposited on the surface and on the walls of pores, because it has been used in various technological processes. Fresh activated carbon is odorless.

Humidity and internal deposits

High-quality activated carbon — dry. Often, fraudsters, trying to hide the origin of products, dried used coal before sale. Such a “technology”, as a rule, allows to dry coal only from the outside. Substances deposited on the pore walls increase the bulk weight of the sorbent.


The particles of fresh activated carbon are either black or dark gray. Technological impurities and deposits change the color of coal particles.

The simplest test will help you avoid buying a «rough» counterfeit:

Having weighed 1 liter (dm3) of purchased coal or its sample, determine its bulk density. Compare with the bulk weight specified in the regulatory documentation.

Only the purchase of activated carbon directly from the manufacturer can be 100% guaranteed to obtain quality products that can function for a long time and allow you to get the maximum economic effect.

Remember that counterfeit products can not only damage the economy of the country and your company, but also cause irreparable harm to human health and life !!!
You can check the authority of the dealer / distributor by contacting e-mail: We hope that the information provided will help you.

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