Granular activated carbon KAUSORB is a high efficient sorbent of a wide range of applications, manufactured from coconut shells by the method of steam activation. KAUSORB is intended for gold recovery, recycling water treatment, process liquid purification, manufacture of cigarette filters, and it can be the basis of catalysts.
The minimum rate of shipment of activated carbon: 0.5 t


Gold recovery
Process liquid purification
Basic for chemical catalysts and absorbers
Production of cigarette filters
Recycling Water Treatment
Drinking Water Purification

Technical characteristics

Name of the indicator Normal value for KAUSORB
Iodine number, mg / g 1000 – 1450
CTC,% 45 – 65
not less
Moisture content,%,
no more
Ash content,%,
no more
Bulk density, t/m3 0,45 – 0,5
Main particle sizes,
mesh - mesh (mm)
6х12 (1,7 – 3,35)
8х30 (0,6 – 2,36)
12х20 (0,85 – 1,7)
12х40 (0,425 – 1,7)
35х70 (0.212 – 0,5)

Standard packing

paper bag
packing 20 kg

500 kg big bag

other types of packaging on request

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