Powder activated carbon EXTRASORB -103 is an effective sorbent of a wide range of applications, made of eco-friendly raw materials (birch coal) by the method of steam activation as a fine powder. It is intended for starch solvents and sugar syrups purification, vegetable oils and glycerol purification, process liquid purification, production of pharmaceuticals.
The minimum rate of shipment of activated carbon: 1 t


Starch solvents and sugar syrups purification
Vegetable oils purification
Process liquid purification
Glycerol purification
Production of pharmaceuticals

Technical characteristics

Name of the indicator Normal value for EXTRASORB-103
Methylene blue adsorption, mg / g 280 – 330
Molasses adsorption, mg/g 120 – 140
Moisture Content,
%, no more than
Ash Content,
%, no more than
Bulk density, t / m 3 0,3 – 0,35
pH 2 – 6
Mass fraction of FE compounds,
%, no more than
Particle Size,
not less, mm

Standard packing

paper or polypropylene bag
packing of 20 kg

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