Powder activated carbon EXTRASORB-UAF is a sorbent made from eco-friendly raw materials (low-ash fossil coal) by the method of steam activation as a fine powder. It is intended for recycling & wastewater treatment, process liquid purification, purification of phosphorus.
The minimum rate of shipment of activated carbon: 1 t


Process liquid purification
Wastewater Treatment
Recycling Water Treatment
Phosphorus purification

Technical characteristics

Name of the indicator Normal value for EXTRASORB-UAF
Iodine number,
mg / g, not less
Moisture Content,
%, no more than
Ash Content,
%, no more than
Bulk density, t / m 3 0,4 – 0,45
pH, ≥ 7
Particle Size,
not less, mm

Standard packing

paper or polypropylene bag
packing of 20 kg

polypropylene (single soft container) - packing of 500 kg

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