SORBER -30 / 40

Due to the special structure and high strength activated carbons SORBER -30 and 40 are effective sorbents intended for adsorption of gaseous substances and vapors of volatile organic compounds. These sorbents are intended for recovery of organic solvents, vapor adsorption of petroleum products, air purification, starch solvents and sugar syrups purification, and it can be the basis of catalysts.
The minimum rate of shipment of activated carbon: 1 t


Starch solvents and sugar syrups purification
The basis for catalysts and absorbers of chemical substances
Recovery of organic solvent
Air and gas purification
Adsorption of vapors of petroleum products

Technical characteristics

Name of the indicator Normal value for SORBER -30 / 40
Pellet diameter, mm 3 and 4
Iodine number, mg / g 850 – 1000
CTC ,% 60 – 80
Butane adsorption,
% min
Surface area,
m 2 / g, not less
%, not less
Moisture Content,
%, no more
Bulk density, t / m 3 0,45 – 0,55
Particle size <1 mm,
%, no more than

Standard packing

paper or polypropylene bag
packing of 23 kg

polypropylene (single soft container) - packing of 500 kg

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